October 17, 2023

Why Go To A Sport Psychologist?

I feel that natural ability and physical talent is not enough to create success. One must be mentally tough especially in critical moments of competition. Are you the player the coaches look for when the game is on the line?

Going to a sport psychologist means you care about improving your performance and with my help you will see a positive difference in your game. You want every tool to be the best! Improving your mental game is crucial to maximizing your athletic potential.

I come from a positive psychology model meaning I work from building your strengths and improving your weaknesses; I view myself as a “coach” where I teach skills. These skills are practiced and honed. The benefits can be immediate; I have had athletes improve after just one session. A few mental training tips and skills can produce significant results.

Athletes are physically training for countless hours and very little training is on the mental game. Simply training harder and longer doesn’t always help improve performance. Parents spend a lot of money and time for sports training. I recommend that athletes begin as soon as possible how to cope with athletic pressures, critical moments of competition and coping effectively with coaches and other athletes. If your child is having significant anxiety surrounding performing please give them some tools to help them. These tools will help them in the classroom and out of the athletic arena as well!

~ Dr. Julie “Dr. J” Wiernik