Individual Training

Athletes and performers spend countless hours on physical training but minimal amounts of time are spent on mental training. Often, when performance is not successful more time is spent physically training yet results typically do not improve. We often hear parents and coaches yell “relax” or “be confident” but no one really knows how to relax and be more confident. Our consultants train and coach athletes and performers to think and cope more positively with inevitable pressures and losses both on and off respective playing fields. We also train people how to be “comfortable feeling uncomfortable”. Sports naturally bring about very powerful feelings with can help improve or hurt performance. Learning how to manage these emotions more effectively is what creates successful athletes and people. Participation in a sport is a microcosm of life and therefore changes that happen in sport often transfers into daily living. We do an assessment to determine what skills are needed to be improved. Various mental skills training strategies help with the following:

  •  Increasing confidence
  • Reducing and managing anxiety
  • Improving attention and concentration
  • Increasing “flow” or “in the zone” experiences
  • Utilizing visualization/imagery
  • Improving consistency
  • Increasing enjoyment and fun