Team/Group Building

There are proven characteristics of what makes a successful team. The Texas Center for Sport Psychology helps teams create a winning mindset by teaching and implementing skills that are essential for a team’s success. We improve verbal and nonverbal communication between athletes and their coaches.  We also teach the importance of having athletes accept their role on the team to enhance team support and cohesion. Teams must be able to put the group’s goals first before individual goals. Also, it is essential for teams to be able to put their individual differences aside to join as one unit on their respective playing fields. Negativity can destroy a team’s cohesion.

If a team works well together they will more likely to have a winning season. Positive communication, trust, and a “team first” mentality are necessary for a team’s success. As sport psychology consultants we help teams learn how to communicate more effectively. If your team has some issues that need addressing do not wait. Many times a few team sessions can help significantly. Please contact us to schedule a time or to consult. The best teams have learned to have a “we” mentality not a “me” mentality.   Great individual players do not guarantee team success.